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Our Story

D/LUCA’s captivating collection combines traditionally made scarves with high tech technology.  The finest delicate Cashmere, soft lightweight Silk Cotton blend  and stunning Cashmere Silk qualities are digitally printed, allowing to create imagery with a wide variety of colors. Carefully selected color combinations and playing with the contrast of traditional & contemporary aspects is the intriguing red thread of this collection and presents a modern sophisticated new look.  The Vision of D/Luca is to create tension within a design to achieve always new, captivating and engaging Visuals which makes this a truly unique New Generation of Scarves. 

Susann Lucas – Founder and Creative Director of Leigh & Luca New York created this new collection of scarves to take advantage of the new technologies allowing for more possibilities for colors and design. Her creative approach, no matter the medium, is to find points of tensions behind an idea, while she is drawn to the controversial and visionary.